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It’s a big working world out there.
World Internships makes it a little smaller.

Opportunities in Any Field

From accounting to zoology, and everything in between; we’re experts in the global hot-spots for your industry. We know just the right place for your next, and best, career move.

Opportunities Across the Globe

We offer internship programs in 20 countries on six continents, in both urban and rural settings. We can place you in the world’s most popular destinations or safely off the beaten path.

Opportunities for Growth

Professional experience in a global setting will put you on the inside track no matter your industry. Get plugged in to international networks and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

We've got an internship experience just for you


Collaborate directly with our advising team to create an internship just for you.


Choose from one of our many established international internship programs.


Join a cohort for a three week professional deep dive into a particular industry.

97% of our applicants are successfully placed

We make every effort to match you with an internship program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
If we can't find a perfect fit for you, we'll refund your application deposit.

Been there,
done that.

Our team of global travelers at World Internships is well versed in working across borders and cultures. We love helping young professionals like you find their own way in the world.

Your career will be a journey.
Why not enjoy the view?

I couldn’t have been this successful in my job hunt without the help of World Internships. I can’t emphasize how many times I was asked to elaborate on my overseas experience during my interviews. It was definitely a big determining factor for the companies I’ve received offers from.
Cynthia, Barcelona University of Texas at Austin
It was the perfect preparation and inspiration to enter the "real world."
Jasmine, Australia Griffith University
I got amazing hands on experience in my field as well as incredible cultural experiences. I would do this program a million more times if I could.
Amanda , USA Washington University in St. Louis