4 Reasons I Fell Head Over Heels For Australia

A dream internship in a dream city!

I have now been in Australia for 6 weeks and I love it here! I’m already getting sad about leaving (even though I am only halfway through with my internship!) I have established my favorite places to go, my recommended activities to do, and I no longer get lost in the city.

It took me around 2-3 weeks to get adjusted and overcome my homesickness. When I first arrived, I was overwhelmed with all the “newness” and wanted my home. That soon faded, and now in many ways I’m more comfortable in Australia than I am at home. There are endless amounts of things to do in the city, and I am never bored. Truthfully, there just isn’t time to see everything I want to see, and do everything I want to do. This country has endless opportunity.

When I first arrived, I made it a point to join clubs and attend events. This helped set a routine and allowed me to make friends. While I adore my internship, I wasn’t surrounded by people my age. However, Melbourne itself is a young city, so reaching out was crucial and allowed me to befriend interesting people and find my own group.

During my time in Australia so far, I’ve travelled all around the country, seeing as much as this beautiful island as possible. Thanks to the flexibility of my internship, I was able to take a break and travel up the east coast, starting in Sydney and ending in Cairns. I met up with my friend who flew in from the States and we joined a tour group that organized our trip (highly recommend!) I was able to the rural parts of Australia, and participate in a lot of the “classic must-do” Aussie activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, and holding a koala.

However, nothing I’ve seen across Australia has compared to the love I have for my host city, Melbourne. The reasons?

  1. It is a foodie city. I love all the options of places to eat, and now have a bubble tea drink obsession. Pro tip: There’s a bubble tea shop around every corner, FIND ONE.
  2. The weather! The more south you travel, the cooler the weather is. Melbourne is a perfect mix of sunshine and breeze, making every single day a dream.
  3. Since Melbourne is a major hub, there are endless entertainment opportunities.
  4. Being a creative myself, I love that Melbourne is known for its art.

I’ve made quite the turn around from my first few days in Australia to now. My advice to upcoming interns is to give it time and put yourself out there as much as you can. Meet new people. Experience the whole country. This trip is well worth it if you allow it to be.