Our Top 5 Most Affordable Programs

Looking to intern but worried about costs? We've got some incredible options.

We hear you. 

Travel can be expensive.

We’ve got your budget in mind, starting with our most affordable programs. Keep in mind, our price includes a lot (like housing!)

India: 4-16 weeks; $3,290 – $6,290

Home to our most affordable program, India was a clear choice when we set out to generate this top-five list. But don’t let it’s price tag fool you. Though we keep the costs low, our programs in Mumbai and Bangalore are unbelievably rich. They are packed with professional and cultural opportunities to help you make the most of your time abroad. As a hub of non-Western industry, India has some of our most sophisticated business and engineering internships. Not only does the vibrant day-to-day life mean you’ll never be bored, but the low cost-of-living means you’ll be able to do unique and special excursions. 

Colombia: 4-16 weeks; $2,590 – $4,290

Hoping to combine an immersive Spanish-language program with an impressively modern internship experience…with tons of amazing excursion opportunities? Great! That’ why we launched our Colombia program. As our Bogota program grows in popularity, we’re learning just how much value this lost-cost option really packs in. Not only will you be set up with a tried-and-true placement in one 6+ fields, but you’ll also be enrolled in Spanish tutoring sessions. You’ll take an excursion to El Catedral de Sal, and enjoy regular activities throughout the city. Plus, the program costs aren’t the only affordable part of these programs; on average, you can expect to pay less than $4 USD for a meal at any one of Bogota’s hundreds of restaurants!

Vietnam: 4-12 weeks; $3,690 – $5,090

If you’re looking for a program location that combines affordability with a vibrant culture and cutting-edge technology, look no further than Vietnam. With the average program costing about $4,000 USD, Vietnam has quickly jumped to the top of our most-popular-destinations list. Both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi offer NGO and non-profit opportunities for nearly all passions and skill levels. Plus: Vietnam is a growing technological hub of Southeast Asia. This means we can pair you with an internship in a cutting-edge engineering firm or international medical clinic. Each city has a remarkably low cost-of-living. There are also unlimited affordable food options. You can’t forget loads of artisans selling at-cost handmade goods, either. For your next affordable internship experience, you’ve got to check out Vietnam!

South Africa: 6-12 weeks; $4,590 – $5,790

Cape Town is one of the most popular destinations we offer, and that makes sense, with its low cost-of-living, internship programs to fit nearly all fields, and tons of social activities. But did you know: your Cape Town program includes a lot more than meets the eye? Every Monday night, you’ll gather with other interns to meet with an indigenous person native to the region, learning about everything from food and music to South Africa’s cultural history. You’ll also be enjoying a fully-funded long weekend trip along the Garden Route (trust us, Google it now: you won’t be disappointed). With all of this and more in store for you, Cape Town is easily one of our highest-value, lowest-cost location options.

Spain (homestay): 4-12 weeks: $4,990 – $6,590

Europe doesn’t often make the list when we think about affordable programs, but we’ve worked hard to change that. With an internship program and homestay accommodation in Barcelona, you’re getting massive bang for your buck! Not only will you intern with a company or organization in one of Europe’s most progressive cities, but you’ll enjoy a deep immersion into the local culture and two meals per day provided by your host family. With excursions, language courses, weekly activities, walking tours, and cooking classes, you’ll never be bored (and you’ll be saving the money you’d otherwise have to spend on food and activity costs!)