The 7 Best Internships in New Zealand

Wanting to intern in New Zealand but not sure where to start? Read on!

New Zealand is more than gorgeous mountains, unique wildlife, and picturesque beaches. This little island is also a hub for hundreds of different fields, making it the perfect place to intern abroad. Here are our top picks for the best internships New Zealand has to offer!

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Accounting and Finance Internship

Build your resume as the Accounts & Finance Intern at this innovative IT consulting company in Auckland. This firm enables businesses and organizations to take their operations global through efficient connectivity and digital logistics. As an intern, you’ll work to improve current accounting and billing processes, perform cost and sales analyses and prepare and process invoices. You can gain valuable communication skills as a liaison among account managers, clients, suppliers, the financial controller, and the systems engineer. You’ll get hands-on experience with what it takes to manage the finances of a multi-national company

Resume perks: 

  • sales analyses
  • management
  • professional communication skills

Alternative Education Internship

The goal of this internship is to help teens and adult students become as independent as possible.

As an education intern, you’ll help teachers develop meaningful classroom curriculum. You will also help create alternative programs that foster independence, literacy, social skills, and career opportunities. Better yet, you’ll be able to support students and teaching staff in mainstream classes, along with alternative educational activities. Some of these activities include swimming, Equine Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and work experience placements.

Resume perks:

  • ability to build classroom curriculum
  • program creation
  • face-to-face experience

Animal Rehabilitation Internship

As the Rehabilitation Assistant Intern at this exotic bird sanctuary in Wellington, you’ll be given the opportunity to lead a testing project, as well as help feed, treat, medicate, house and re-home birds throughout New Zealand. You’ll receive full training on-site, and will complete a training manual specific to the sanctuary when you first arrive. You can expect to add a host of animal science skill sets to your resume, including telemetry, habitat construction, diagnosing and administering medication, and basic wildlife safety training.

Resume perks:

  • project leader
  • habitat construction
  • diagnostics

However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t fret! We also offer individualized placements. If you’re a bit more flexible with timing, we can get you abroad on your dream internship.

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