4 Costa Rica Internships Ready For You

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Sparkling beaches, vast jungles, and the Pura Vida attitude attracts millions of tourists to Costa Rica each year. But there’s more than meets the eye to this small Central American country — now more than ever, Costa Rican business and organizations are looking for international talent in dozens of industries. 

We’ve collected our top four internships in Costa Rica for a peek into what your next career move might be: 

Animal Science 

Get ready for the wildlife experience of a lifetime! As the Conservation Intern at this turtle rescue and research center, you will help Southern Costa Rica protect its precious turtle population. Working with local researchers and wildlife experts, you will gain hands-on access to the turtle population while participating in grassroots, community-oriented ecology projects. You can supervise sea turtle hatcheries and nurseries, conduct beach patrols, maintain turtle habitats, and even release baby sea turtles into the ocean once they’ve hatched. You’ll be able to add field research and hands-on fieldwork techniques to your resume while working with a local team and digging deeper into the country’s unique wildlife ecosystems.


Resume perks: 

  • Habitat construction and maintenance
  • Community education 
  • Field research


Social Work 

If you’re an advanced Spanish-speaker looking for a hands-on opportunity within social work, look no further than our Social Services Internship program in San Jose. You’ll work directly with patient records to evaluate their current situation, using data points like age, employment status, medical documentation, income level, and dependents. You’ll be a key member of the office team, scheduling and coordinating visits for various medical or public safety professionals and their clients. You can accompany staff on home visits to patients, following-up on the safety and security of their home environments and even providing social-based care to newborns and mothers. You’ll form meaningful connections with local community members while adding organizational, communication and data analysis skills to your resume.

Resume perks:

  • Office administration 
  • Cultural engagement 
  • Clinical shadowing


Hotel Management 

As a hotel management intern in San Jose, you’ll get a well-rounded, hands-on opportunity in both the front and back of house. As an assistant to the reception team, you can welcome guests, answer phone inquiries, make reservations, and provide exceptional customer service for local and international travelers alike. Later on, you can work on the catering and food services team to provide exciting and comfortable food and drink experiences for guests. If you’re placed with a hostel, you might even promote the venue on social media or help plan social activities for guests. Find out how hotels in Costa Rica capture the essence of “la pura vida” while you gain crucial customer service, event management, operations, and hospitality skills.

Resume perks:

  • Front of house & back of house experience 
  • Diverse customer service 
  • Venue operations & management 


This multifaceted internship is the perfect way to give you a well-rounded understanding of elderly and nursing services in San Jose. You’ll gain a unique perspective on the Costa Rican healthcare system while learning about how a nursing home facility functions as the Health Services intern working with the elderly population. Your host nursing home aims to provide a family-like atmosphere focused on acceptance, respect, and increasing the quality of life for all residents and their families. You can shadow physicians, nurses, recreational therapists and physiotherapists. You’ll also serve as a healthcare marketing assistant by preparing reports for marketing outreach, performing market research, collaborating with the team to analyze consumer data and develop meaningful ways to connect with potential future residents.

Resume perks:

  • Consumer data analysis
  • Medical shadowing 
  • Outreach strategy 

These interns are tried-and-true, ready and waiting for your application. With expedited processing time, we can secure your position in as few as 10 days…and what’s more pura vida than that?

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