Internships in engineering

Why engineering?

You’re ready to start your engineering career, and we’re ready to help you take a bold first step. Your field is on the cutting edge of our global economy and we know an internship is the key to gaining confidence in your skills and unlocking your potential.With placements in mechanical, electrical, environmental civil, chemical, and IT engineering, you can pick from tried-and-true programs in established engineering hubs, or create a personal experience in a more specialized market.Gain the hands-on experience you need and top-notch support before, during, and after your program to ensure you get the most out of this important investment in yourself.

Available program options:
Create Your Personalized Experience

Collaborate with WI advisors to design an internship experience that aligns with your individual career goals.

I got amazing hands on experience in my field as well as incredible cultural experiences. I would do this program a million more times if I could.
Amanda, United States Washington University in St. Louis

Create Your Personalized Experience

World Internships excels at fitting international internships to your specific needs. We know the best locations for every industry, and specialize in finding you the right placement for your career goals.