Internships in environmental studies

Why environmental studies?

You’re ready to start your career in environmental studies, and we’re ready to help you take a bold first step.Your field is on the cutting edge of keeping our globe protected, and we know an internship is key to gaining confidence in your skills and unlocking your potential. With placements in environmental conservation, sustainable development, marine biology, wildlife ecology and agroforestry, you can pick from tried-and-true programs in established conservation hubs or create a personal experience in a more specialized environment. Gain the hands-on experience you need and top-notch support before, during and after your program to ensure you get the most out of this important investment in yourself.

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It showed me how I can truly make a difference in the world by having sea turtles as coworkers! Having hands on opportunities is an advantage I'll have for the rest of my life.
Anonymous, United States

Create Your Personalized Experience

World Internships excels at fitting international internships to your specific needs. We know the best locations for every industry, and specialize in finding you the right placement for your career goals.

Select A Tried and True Program

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Amazonian Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Ecuador

Work in the Amazon at a family-run wildlife refuge and a  privately funded sanctuary for rescued and confiscated wild animals. Be a part of their…

Animal and Environmental Science in South Africa

As an intern at this famous Cape Town aquarium, you’ll gain an amazing, hands-on experience with dozens of marine wildlife species. You’ll first explore the…

Animal Rehabilitation in New Zealand

As the Rehabilitation Assistant Intern at this exotic bird sanctuary in Wellington, you’ll be given the opportunity to lead a testing project, as well as help…

Conservation and Community Development in Thailand

As a conservation and community development intern in Chiang Mai, you’ll fully immerse in a small, rural community called Kut Chang. At Kut Chang, you’ll…

Environmental and Social Sustainability in South Africa

As a Sustainability Intern in Cape Town, you’ll gain a hands-on immersion experience through a combination of active mentorship, discussion, reflection and practical experience. You’ll…

Marine Ecosystem Conservation in Ecuador

Participate in important sea turtle and shark research, environmental education, and conservation on the beautiful Galapagos Islands or off the stunning coast of Puerto Lopez!…

Sustainable Agriculture in Ecuador

Rural Ecuadorian communities thrive off of, and depend on, sustainable harvest of the Guayusa plant. Working with a leading agroforestry organization, you’ll help indigenous farmers…