Financial aid & assistance for international internship programs

Below is a list of some grants and scholarships available for intern abroad participants. Previous interns have applied and secured financial aid from some of these organizations. Please be aware that several have programs well over a year in advance of when you would be interning abroad, so starting early is important. These organizations and programs are not affiliated with World Internships in any way; they are simply suggestions of reputable sources to assist with your fundraising efforts:


Allows participants can make their very own fundraising pages online. This way, you have a creative platform to communicate personal messages, keep your audience engaged with your travel plans, and collect the funding to help make this experience a possibility.


Gilman Scholarship

Specifically for US citizens who are undergraduates receiving a Federal Pell Grant, awards range from $500-$10,000.

Great online resource to find grants based on specific criteria. On a site like this, it’s good to look up grants not only for your country of interest and internship field, but also for specific applicant requirements (ex/ some grants will specifically look for bilingual applicants, or applicants with special circumstances such as being adopted, coming from a single parent home, etc).


Boren Scholarship

This is a great option for those looking to go to non-western countries (Thailand, Nepal, India, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico qualify). Be aware that those who accept this scholarship must agree to work in the public sector for one year. More details about this requirement can be found here.


Christianson Grant

Specifically for US citizens who are 18-28 and doing programs of at least 6 months.


Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Program

A good option for those looking to intern in the arts/photography. Grants are awarded once a year, so planning ahead with this is crucial. However, once awarded the grant, you have 2.5 years during which you can use it to go abroad. Work samples are very important, so some previous experience in the artistic field of choice is required.


CLS (Critical Language Scholarship)

Fantastic for China and India interns. Their scholarships go to students looking to learn/work using foreign languages considered “critical” by the US government. There are some language prerequisites for applying.


Institute of International Education

Huge resource for a variety of scholarships. A quick search through their website yields tons of results based on the destination, field, and personal applicant details.


US Department of Education

Provide several grants which can be found using the link. There are different qualifications for each one, but several can be applied for educational experiences abroad.


Fund for Education Abroad

Up to $10,000 dollars in scholarship money to each selected recipient. Their deadlines are very early so planning ahead is crucial. Dates will be up soon for those looking to apply for the 2014-2015 academic year. If you are looking to go Fall 2014 or later, this is a good one to apply to and can help make sure you have the funds to go for as long as you’d like!


Barry Goldwater Scholarship

For interns looking to work in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. They have anywhere between 50-75 recipients a year.


Future Unlimited, Australia

Provide a list of scholarships and their requirements here. There are several within that list that interns from both Canada and the US can apply for.


Rotary Grants

For interns looking to do work that will help grow communities in developing countries (ex/ NGOs, public women’s health clinics, local agriculture, sustainable development, etc.) You do have to make an account to see the details of each grant, but accounts are free and very easy to make.