How To Make A Good Impression During Your Internship

Now, more than ever, internships are an expectation instead of a bonus. Companies expect you to have internship experience under your belt, and references to follow. That’s why it’s so important to do well on your internship and leave your manager with a positive experience. In other words, you need to make a good impression.

We’ve gathered the following advice from Samantha. Samantha interned for a public relations firm in New Zealand and was highly respected by her manager and team. She’s got ten tips for you to follow. You’ll be sure to leave your internship with letters of reference and more!

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Arrive Prepared

Be sure that before your first day, you’ve done your research on the company, your boss, and any current events in that country that could be talking points at your office. Instead of just showing up on day one, display your initiative by contacting your boss and asking if there is anything you can do to prepare beforehand. This will show that you’re the type of intern to go the extra mile. Talk about a good impression!

Communicate What You Want

Be clear with your manager right from the beginning. Make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to hours, outcomes, and pay (if applicable). Even as your internship comes to an end, continue to keep the communication open. Ask for a review meeting, recommendations, or even a potential job. Having an open and clear relationship will leave a good impression of your character.

Get to Know Your Boss and Environment

Every company has a different type of work style and environment. Do your best at the beginning of the internship to get to know your boss and their needs, and try to adapt. What I learned is that even if you’re qualified, companies won’t hire you afterward unless it “feels” right. Working styles need to blend together in order to be productive, so keep an eye out for how to best fit into that style

Try to Figure Things Out for Yourself

One of the biggest things I learned at the beginning of my internship was that my boss was not going to tell me how to do everything, I had to figure a lot of it out on my own. Being in an office isn’t like being in a classroom. Your employer will give you a project and general direction, but they want you to be able to take on the task and use your skill set to figure out the details on your own. Use your common sense at your internship! By not asking things twice, you’re sure to leave a good impression. 

Go Above and Beyond

Don’t get lazy and don’t take advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given. Make the extra effort and go above and beyond in your work. The more your boss and the other employees like you, the easier and better your time will be.

Complete Your Tasks Well and Ask for More

One thing I did at my internship that I realized set me apart from the other interns was taking on tasks and completing them thoroughly. Once my daily task list was complete, I didn’t just sit around. I asked for more. Showing that you’re ready to take on more makes you a top candidate for hire or an ideal person to write a reference for.

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Take All Tasks Seriously

I’ll admit, this is way easier said than done. As mundane as some internship tasks can be, they all need to be done. Everyone has to pay their dues at some point. Take on tasks, even if they are small and seem unimportant. The better you complete the smaller tasks, the more you’ll be trusted to handle the more serious ones.

Predict What Your Boss Wants and Do It

I learned quickly that bosses want you to know what tasks need to be completed before they tell you. If you know something is going to be coming your way soon and it falls under your responsibilities, get a head-start. Prepare before you’re asked. This is a surefire way to impress your boss and the other hire-ups. Just be careful on how far you go because there is a fine line between getting a jump on your tasks and stepping on other’s toes.

Become Apart of The Team

Look at your internship as though it were your real, full-time job. You are a part of a team. If you’re invited to a company outing, go! If you’re invited to drinks after work, go! You’re valued, and you deserve to be included. Put your best self forward in these outings and you’ll be sure to leave a good impression.

Be Humble

Of all the advice I’ve given, the most important is to be humble. Work hard and let your manager come to their own conclusions. Everyone has to pay their dues at some point, so take it on, one thing at a time. Stay humble, and show them how great you truly are.