World Internships Makes it Easy to Apply

Just click the Get Started button over there on the right and fill out the application form by choosing “APPLY NOW.” Submit the refundable $75 application deposit  and we’ll get to work on finding you the perfect internship placement.


    We only need your basic information at this point, we’ll gather more details from you as we work through the placement process.


    After you submit the application, you’ll be prompted to pay the $75 application deposit. The deposit is fully refundable if we don’t secure an internship placement for you.


    Once we have your application, we’ll reach out to you for more information and to schedule interviews. We’ll work with you to secure an appropriate placement and you’ll be on your way in no time!

Applicants are placed depending on their educational and professional background, as well as their personal goals. For this reason, we will ask for a couple things beyond the initial application:

  • Your résumé so that you can highlight your past work experience
  • A cover letter that explains your reasons for wanting to undertake an internship abroad, what skills you already have that will make you a great intern, and what skills you’re looking to gain
  • A phone conversation with your Program Advisor so that we can get to know you a bit better

Next, you’ll fill out an an internship questionnaire prior to your Skype interview which helps us understand the types of companies you want to work for, tasks you would like to perform, and your motivation for the program. Finally: you’ll have a totally personalized Skype interview with our on-site team in your country of choice.

If we can’t meet your needs we’ll refund your application deposit. More likely, we will be able to find you a rewarding placement and with a $625 confirmation deposit we’ll arrange interviews for you with prospective companies or organizations.

We also take into consideration any other interests so that we can truly tailor your internship to you. Maybe you are looking for a marketing internship and enjoy running as a hobby; if we know of a company that organizes races and needs help marketing, you then have an internship that combines your professional goals with your personal interests! 

We won’t stop working for you until we’ve found you just the right internship.