5 Best Internship Opportunities in Canada

Canada's best internships for a young professional.

It’s hard to narrow down the best part about Canada, but we think it lives somewhere in between its stunning nature and incredibly kind people.

Our internship opportunities in Canada are completely customized for your needs, so all you need to do is identify the field you’re interest in and get in contact! 

Below is a feel for some of our favorite internship opportunities, but don’t worry if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We’re here to help you find the best experience possible.

1. Business Internships in Canada

Vancouver is one of the world’s top financial centers!  Whether you’re keeping the books, analyzing the markets, researching socially-responsible investment opportunities, or managing business operations, you can expect a practical experience with a receptive host organization in one of the world’s most desirable cities.

2. Humanities Internships in Canada

With its progressive nature and regard for and support of indigenous/first nations peoples, immigrants from around the world, and people of socially, racially, and ethnically diverse backgrounds, Vancouver is an exceptional setting for an impactful and insightful custom internship in humanities.

3. NGO/Non-Profit Internships in Canada

A country that prides itself on its social services, Canada hosts an exceptional variety of non-governmental organizations (NGO) and non-profit institutions. In fact, there are an estimated 200,000 non-profit organizations in Canada! With a non-profit in nearly every field, you can focus your interests according to causes you truly care about.

4. Education Internships in Canada

Vancouver’s progressive and inclusive nature emphasizes access and equality – all very apparent in its public education system as well.  Expect to make a real impact as an educator or administrator, whether in a school or other educationally-oriented institution.

5. Law and Politics Internship in Canada

With a variety of both non-governmental and government-sponsored law organizations in a diverse political scene that combines common law and civil law, Canada is the ideal location for a practical law or political science internship. Our connections in Canada ensure that you’ll find the perfect placement – whether that’s suiting up for a formal parliamentary internship or strolling around in sandals among casual think tank colleagues.

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