7 Best Internship Opportunities in China

Booming with a rich cultural history and some of the globe’s most modern technology, Shanghai and Beijing are ideal locations for anyone looking for an adventure.

World Internships offers unique opportunities in China, focused on your own professional development. Our placements are one of a kind and created to meet your personalized needs.

We’re experts at finding the perfect internships for the following fields:

Art and Design Internships

In China, can expect inspiring industry insights and engaging cultural exchanges. Your customized art or design internship experience in China will certainly add to your portfolio of impressive life experiences.

Education Internships

The Chinese take education seriously, holding firm the belief in every student’s right to create their own path in life. Your education internship in China could place you in a teacher assistant sort role, in administration, as an English language instructor, or in policy. Further others’ and your own education with a customized internship in Beijing or Shanghai with World Internships.

Marketing Internships

There are a wealth of internship placements for young entrepreneurs and marketers. Whether you’re best suited for contributing more broadly to small business operations or honing in on one marketing channel for a large company, we’re here for you.

Whatever your interests, you can expect nothing short of an amazingly rewarding professional experience while also immersing in the culture and language of either Beijing or Shanghai.

Web and I.T Internships

Enjoy an insightful exchange of skills and ideas when you intern within a role in web development, design, software engineering, information technology, or similar. With a customized web or IT internship with World Internships in China, you can expect to grow leaps and bounds both personally and professionally.

Business Internships

With this internship, you’d be considered for an impressive range of administration, management, accounting or finance internship placements in China. We trust you can do the math to realize that a customized Business internship in China with World Internships will provide returns for years to come.

Healthcare Internships

Solidify your specialty and get that “gold star” your medical school application needs while also enjoying an interesting language and culture exchange when you choose a customized healthcare internship in China.

Tourism and Hospitality Internships

Refine your reception as you welcome visitors to Beijing or Shanghai from behind the hotel desk, in the coach bus aisle, or outside the shrine with an experiential internship in tourism or hospitality. Boost your resume, expand your horizons, and internationalize your career aspirations with a customized tourism or hospitality internship in China with World Internships.

These internships — and so much more — are waiting for you in China. Don’t see the perfect position for you here? Let’s talk: get in touch with us today to start planning your dream internship abroad.

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