5 Ways To Be The Best Intern Ever

Make your internship count.

Arriving on time, being respectful, and taking your work seriously are all the basics. But what about when you want to really want to stand out?

1. Interact With Everyone

Your assigned work should always be your main priority. However, when you’re able, take time to interact with other employees. Being a friendly face allows you to see different departments and get a feel for how the company you’re interning for operates. This type of behind the scenes experience is invaluable!

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2. Meet With Your Supervisor Regularly

When meeting with your supervisor, make sure you have something to say. If you have questions, an idea, or are ready for more responsibility, let your supervisor know.

3. Be Easy To Work With

Complaining about assignments is never a good look. Take the tasks you’re given, complete them well, and try not to ask the same question more than once. If you’re struggling with your workload, explain this to your supervisor before it becomes a problem.

4. Don’t Expect A Job

While getting a full-time offer post internship is ideal, it doesn’t always happen. For various reasons, companies may not be in the position to hire. However, this shouldn’t deter you from doing your work to the best of your abilities. Internships provide an incredible and irreplaceable professional experience. Always keep this in mind!  

5. Ask For a Letter Of Recommendation (the right way) 

Don’t be a stranger after your internship. If you’re planning on asking for a letter of recommendation (which you totally should), ask right away. Your work performance will be fresh in your supervisor’s mind, allowing them to craft their letter with a lot more detail. If you wait to ask, you risk being forgotten.

You’re well on your way to becoming an incredible intern. If you’re serious about your professional career, you need to download our free career guide. It’s jam-packed with advice and tips from industry leaders.


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