5 Most Unique Internships in Italy

Fuel your inner creative!

Florence is filled with romance, historical sites, enticing food, and wonderful people. On a professional side, it’s a hub for innovators and creatives. If you’re looking for a different, less corporate internship, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled the most unique internship opportunities in the whimsical capital of Italy’s Tuscany region.

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Culinary Arts Internship in Florence

Gain culinary business experience at a Florence pastry shop with an emphasis on key pastry and dessert skills as well as running a kitchen.

You will learn how to adjust recipes to produce both products in large volumes and specialty items. You will also perform in front of the house duties in order to complete a comprehensive vision and understanding of the activities, functions, and organization of a baking and pastry shop for future entrepreneurial activities. You’ll refine your baking and decorating skills while adding things like shop management, basic bookkeeping and customer service to your resume.

Fashion and Arts Internship in Florence

During your internship in Italy, you will get to experience the vibrant excitement of Florence’s local fashion economy. You will be the main intern at a retail store and design shop. However, this role is not like anything you’ve done before. You’ll be involved with proposing, designing, and producing high-quality garments and accessories. Because of your knowledge of trends, production, and more, you’re sure to be a top candidate in future employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the shop’s merchandise sales generate scholarships for future fashion students and represent emerging Italian designers!

Interior Design Internship in Florence 

Gain first-hand experience in the design world under a team of seasoned professionals as the Design Intern at a local studio in Florence. You’ll flex your creative muscles with studio teams or individual designers.

Responsibilities can include design sampling, drafting (by hand or digitally), AutoCAD rendering, and logistics. You’ll become more proficient in important design software, strengthen your client communication skills, and gain a better eye for textile colors and patterns. An interior design placement in Florence is the ideal way to add some concrete skills to your resume while learning how to work cross-culturally.

Book Publishing Internship in Florence

This internship is designed to be a full immersion into the world of book publishing, from pitch to distribution! Working with a Florence-based campus publisher, you’ll experience each phase of the publishing process. You’ll work on all areas of book publishing, including concept creation, research, writing, photography, graphic layout/design, production, marketing, and distribution. Your placement will help you gain copy-writing and copy-editing skills, along with some digital and print marketing techniques that are essential to promoting published work.

Videography Internship in Florence

Work with a creative video production team in Florence as the Video Production Intern at a local studio. Understand what it takes to run a studio business by assisting with video shooting, editing, scouting, directing, maintaining equipment and more.

You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of digital videography and gain the technical skills to take a video from concept through post-production to promotion. If you’re highly motivated about the video/photography world and want to experience Florence behind the camera, this placement will be perfect for you!

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