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Internships in Australia

Why Australia?


Whether you’re looking for warm beaches, bustling cities or soaring mountains (or a healthy combination of all three!), Australia will exceed your expectations in just about every way. Famous for landmarks like the Opera House and Bondi Beach, Sydney has some major “can’t-miss” attractions. Like any city, though, you’ll also discover hidden gems as you wind though its dozens of neighborhoods. Melbourne, perched on the Yarra river, is a cultural and artistic Australian hub with street musicians and murals around every corner. No matter which host city you live in, the vast natural landscape of rural Australia is just a short train or car ride away: perfect for the city-dweller and the outdoor adventurer alike.

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Collaborate with WI advisors to design an internship experience that aligns with your individual career goals.

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While preparing for my experience abroad they were great, they had good communication and they helped me with everything.
Katherine, United States Seattle Pacific University

Create Your Personalized Experience

World Internships excels at fitting international internships to your specific needs. We know the best locations for every industry, and specialize in finding you the right placement for your career goals.

Select A Tried and True Program

World Internships has been helping young professionals like you advance their careers for nearly a decade. Choose from one of our many existing individual internship programs and experiences, most of which have been running for years with proven results.

Communications in Australia

As a predominately online business, your communications internship with this Melbourne-based assessment solutions firm will give you a strong understanding of how marketing messages translate into…

Digital Marketing in Australia

You’ll build up your digital marketing resume as an intern with this international nonprofit in Melbourne, aiming to facilitate intercultural engagement through sustainable arts and…

Human Resources in Australia

You’ll gain hands-on experience as the Human Resources Assistant Intern in this Melbourne-based assessment solutions firm. You can help develop new and innovative assessment strategies,…

Human Resources in Australia

You’ll serve as the Human Resources Intern at a multinational biotechnology company in Melbourne. With a presence in 39 countries and over 22,000 associates, this…

Information Technology in Australia

As the Test Development Intern with this Melbourne-based assessment solutions firm, you’ll be actively involved in developing new online assessment platforms. You can design test items…

Marketing Systems and Reporting in Australia

Your role as the Marketing Systems and Reporting Intern at this Melbourne-based assessment solutions firm is crucial in developing and assessing marketing strategies. You’ll be researching,…

Organizational Psychology in Australia

Have you ever wanted to explore why companies hire who they hire? This organizational psychology internship with a Melbourne-based assessment solutions firm is your chance. As…

Public Relations and Advertising in Australia

As the Public Relations Intern at this boutique PR and advertising agency in Sydney, you’ll learn just how a firm builds, and keeps, its longstanding…

Public Relations and Event Marketing in Australia

You’ll wear many hats as the Public Relations, Events and Marketing Intern at this communications agency in Sydney. They specialize in all areas of communications,…

Social Media and Marketing in Australia

As the Social Media and Engagement Intern at this Melbourne-based Assessment Solutions Firm, you’ll be directly involved with planning and implementing a sophisticated social media marketing…

Videography in Australia

As a film intern in Melbourne, you’ll work with a streaming and production services company that services all of Australia. You’ll learn the ins and…