Internships in Morocco

Why Morocco?

With the Bouregreg River to the East and the wide expanse of the Northern Atlantic to the West, Rabat holds a special place in Morocco’s Islamic and French-colonial histories. Originally a Berber-era fortress city, you’ll find French-designed gardens woven in between ancient mosque ruins and soaring minarets. Your host family will be a crucial part of your introduction to your new home city, sharing meals with you of traditional tagine and couscous with seasonal fruits or halwa for desert. On the weekends you might accompany your host parents to a mosque service or a walk through the scenic gardens and Roman ruins of Chellah. Each day you’ll hear the call to prayer echoing throughout the city, connecting you more closely to Rabat’s unique daily life. Enjoy the cultural adventure of a lifetime in this ancient capital with a World Internships program.

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My host family was wonderful and very welcoming! And Rabat is awesome!
Anna, United States University of Texas at Dallas

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