Internships in Nepal

Why Nepal?

Surrounded by the vast Himalayans on all sides, Kathmandu is a truly remarkable location for a professional experience. This capital city is home to nearly one million residents; while the majority are practicing Hindus, you’ll also find pockets of Buddist, Muslim and Christian communities. Kathmandu — along with most of Nepal — continues to rebuild after a 2015 earthquake took a major toll on its infrastructure, population and sense of morale. To travel to the city is to witness a community in repair, as cultural traditions and daily life marches on in the wake of this devastation. In your free time, walk or ride the bus around this “enormous treasure house of art and sculptures,” checking out the Chaityas (street sculptures) around every turn and visiting the National Museum and the National Art Gallery. You can also enjoy Nepal’s stunning wildlife with an extended weekend trip to Chitwan National park, included in your WI program. Get ready to find your passion across the globe in the gateway to the Himalayas.

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Being an intern abroad in Nepal was a wonderful experience! I have challenged myself and learned a lot about my own skills and have pushed my boundaries.
Caroline, Denmark

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