Internships in Netherlands

Why Netherlands?

The Netherlands has been a hot draw of late with Amsterdam a favorite for U.S. students. Our most recent request was for sports marketing at a professional soccer club. We placed another student at coastal resort community with a top travel agency. She had just finished up her university study and sought a career in the travel industry. She enjoyed the placement so much that she applied for a work visa with the intent of moving full time to the country. Side trips to Germany and nearby Dusseldorf make for interesting contrast. And to the south our students have traveled to Brussels. The Netherlands presents well on student resumes as it is still an unusual choice and has a reputation in the business world as producing elite leaders.

Netherlands literally means ‘lower countries’ in reference to its low elevation and flat topography. It is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. With over 17 million people all living within a total area of roughly 41,543 square kilometers, it’s a densely populated country with Amsterdam being its crown jewel.