Internships in South Africa

Why South Africa?

South Africa is famous for its incredible diversity, stunning landscapes, and rich culture. It is one of the great cultural meeting points of the African continent – a fact that has been obscured by decades of racial segregation but is becoming increasingly apparent, especially in the country’s great cities. With its myriad of cultures and extreme disparities in wealth, South Africa is not an easy country to understand at first. After nearly two decades of non-racial democracy, the country is still searching for its identity and trying to heal the wounds from its troubled past. As you immerse yourself in its culture, you will quickly learn that South Africa truly is a country like none other – A place of striking beauty, stark contrasts, and exceptionally friendly, kind and spirited people.

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Although I was a little nervous about coming over I couldn't be more pleased with my experience here.
Calyn, United States Indiana University - Bloomington

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