Internships in Thailand

Why Thailand?

Boasting some of the world’s oldest and most detailed architectural structures, Thailand is a true symphony of ancient tradition, stunning landscapes and ultramodern cityscapes. The country stretches from the Dawna mountains on its northern border with Myanmar all the way to the narrow strip of coastline between the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. While Thai beaches have long been a vacation hot-spot for European travelers, its major cities — including Chiang Mai and Bangkok, our two location options — are bustling epicenters of professional and cultural life. Take in the bustle of Bangkok on Khaoson Road, with its endless street-food options and handicraft stands. Then, watch the prang (or central tower) of the Wat Arun Buddhist temple glow brightly in the evening. In Chiang Mai to the north, you can observe any number of the hundreds of Buddhist Temples sprawled throughout the Old City neighborhood. Venture outside of the Old City and you’ll find Nimmanhaemin Road, a cosmopolitan cultural district offering galleries, cafes and traditional music and dance shows. You can even venture off on weekends for hiking, surfing and swimming adventures. Enjoy the cultural immersion of a lifetime with a WI internship in Thailand.

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