Personal service, professional experiences

Every World Internship participant returns with professional experience, a new perspective on the world, a stronger appreciation for different cultures, and improved language skills. Perhaps most importantly, an internship abroad experience provides each of our participants with the opportunity for lasting professional and personal growth.

What you’ll get from World Internships

Personalized Placement:

Whether you choose one of our existing programs or work with us to come up with something new, we ensure that your internship program works with your unique needs and interests.

Professional Development:

You’ll gain real world experience that builds on your education. You’ll gain valuable insights into your field and grow your professional network.


Our world is interconnected and your international experience will demonstrate your adaptability, independence, and cultural awareness.  Your resume will stand out and so will you.

What distinguishes World Internships from other programs?

World Internships will be by your side every step of the way, we take pride in our personal, friendly service. All of our programs include the following: internship placement and professional supervision during the program, housing, medical and accident insurance, on-site orientation, airport transportation, cultural and social activities, visa advice, and on-going personal support throughout the program. Some programs also include excursions, language instruction, and professional workshops to make sure you get the most from your internship experience.

The team at World Internships is here to make sure your career gets off to a great start and we’re deeply invested in your professional success.

Excellent communication

We understand the importance of an internship program and we know that securing an internship beyond your home borders can be a daunting process. To minimize this, and to help give you the best placement fit and preparation time possible, we are committed to giving you prompt and professional service throughout your application process, during your program, and afterwards as you enter the workforce. Whether by email, Skype, or phone, we will be in close communication throughout to ensure that your experience abroad is a success.

A passion to provide international experience to all

All of our US based staff have studied, interned, volunteered, worked, or lived overseas and continue to travel frequently. We are passionate about fostering meaningful international experiences and understand the importance of working with each applicant individually to make sure they are heading to a location that works for them and are matched with the right host company or organization for their internship.

A commitment to your professional development

In addition to setting you up with an internship in the field of your choice, we also work with you to make sure you have access to the cultural and professional tools you need to be successful in your placement. We will work with you to develop your resume and cover letter, provide interview advice, coach you on cultural business etiquette, and help you along the way with ongoing professional support.

 A focus on safe international locations

Our program locations are carefully selected to ensure that they represent a broad variety of professional and cultural work environments. Perhaps most importantly, however, all of our program locations are recognized as a safe destination by the US Department of State, and we work with local staff in each country to keep informed about issues in-country and to offer superior on-site support.

24/7 Emergency contact and protection

We understand the importance of being informed and up-to-date on overseas happenings with our participants. For this reason, we have on-site contacts and a 24/7 emergency phone line so that any issues can be handled immediately. All of our interns are also enrolled in our extensive medical and accident insurance policy and have 24/7 contacts on-site in the rare case of an emergency.

The emergency contact number for ON SITE issues or emergencies is: +1-202-557-8182