Marketing in China

Personalize Your Internship Experience

Work directly with the WI team to secure an international internship in your chosen field. Our global expertise and professional network will be put to work in finding the right fit for you and your host organization. Over the last ten years, the entrepreneurial spirit in China has grown at an astounding rate. You’ll break into the startup world with a marketing internship in China. Let’s find your view!

Location: China

Program Overview

Previously considered little more than a manufacturing hub, China is rapidly discovering its entrepreneurial spirit and shifting into a service economy. As China continues urbanizing at an impressive pace, people are increasingly realizing their potential to break away from the traditionally collective society to make it on their own through creating and growing businesses of all kinds. There is a wealth of internship placements for young entrepreneurs and marketers, whether you’re best suited for contributing more broadly to small business operations or honing in on one marketing channel for a large company. Whatever your interests, you can expect nothing short of an amazingly rewarding professional experience while also immersing in the culture and language of either Beijing or Shanghai when you choose a customized marketing internship in China.

Program Highlights

Mandarin Lessons

Further immerse yourself in Chinese culture by enhancing your Mandarin language skills. Choose between weekly group classes or one-on-one instruction to learn at your own speed and get the most out of your cultural exchange.

Network Building

Connect with other international interns and experience Chinese culture during our weekly organized social and cultural events.

Global Training

Learn to work effectively in a cross-cultural setting by understanding your own work style. GlobeSmart -- an innovative online profile -- will help you make the most of your professional experience.

Exceptional Support

Enter the country with ease and come back home with a plan. We will provide you with the career guidance and recommendation you need to land your next job.

Job Guarantee

Find a job in your field or we’ll refund your program tuition! We believe in the value of our programs so much that we will refund you your program tuition if you are not able to land a job in the field of your program within one year of completing your program.

What You Can Expect From WI

Personal Fit

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; we believe in you. We will find you the perfect internship based on your goals.

Detailed Orientation

We provide you everything to thrive in an international setting. From online guides to resources that ensure you’re ready before you leave.

24/7 Support

Before you travel, while you’re on-site, and when you return to your home country, the WI team will be there for you.

A Better Resume

Resources to make your resume shine so you can really make an impression on your future employer, and get the most out of your internship.

97% of our applicants are successfully placed.

Program Details & Fees

Duration Accomodation Price
4 Weeks Apartment $4,590
6 Weeks Apartment $5,290
8 Weeks Apartment $5,990
10 Weeks Apartment $6,690
12 Weeks Apartment $7,290
4-12 Weeks Independent Housing $2,590

World Internships reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes with its partner companies.
What's Included
  • Internship placement and professional supervision
  • Personal pre-departure orientation
  • Housing accommodations
  • Airport pick-up
  • On-site orientation & city tour
  • Loaded local sim & transportation card
  • 24/7 On-site emergency support and services
  • Comprehensive medical and accident insurance
  • Re-entry Workshop with career coaching resources
  • Opportunity for Brand Ambassador programs, LinkedIn endorsements, letters of recommendation, and more

About Your Accomodation


An apartment shared with other interns in the city means you’ll be shopping for and preparing your own meals, and sharing cleaning duties and communal living spaces. World Internships can arrange safe and secure apartment housing for you within a reasonable commute time to your internship site.

Independent Housing

Independent housing allows you to opt out of our arranged accommodation options (and the associated fees) and find your own. This option works best when you have friends or family members living in your destination, or a strong housing lead that you feel comfortable pursuing.

Ready To Go?

Whether you need more information or you’re ready to apply, we’re here to help you get started. We work with you to find a perfect placement in the best location for your field. Let’s make it happen--What are you waiting for?