Environmental and Social Sustainability in South Africa

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Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Duration:4-6 Weeks

Role, Responsibilities and Experience

As a Sustainability Intern in Cape Town, you’ll gain a hands-on immersion experience through a combination of active mentorship, discussion, reflection and practical experience. You’ll be working with any number of NGOs, community-based start ups, or consultancy firms that play an active role in sustainable development throughout the country. You’ll be working directly with service providers, assisting in projects that are specific to quantitative and qualitative sustainable development goals. You’ll develop practical skills while acquiring a deeper understanding of how sustainability studies intersect with politics, culture, economics, technology, and environmental conservation*.

Under the mentorship of our Sustainable Development Program Manager, you’ll participate in these bi-Weekly Discussion and Reflection Themes:

  • A broad introduction to sustainability topics in South Africa
  • Unpacking the complexity of sustainability in South Africa and in a global context.
  • Current policies, challenges, and successes in sustainable development in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Review of internship site projects
  • Continued reflection and review on internship project progress

*Optional extra session: Special advisory session for all students preparing graduate school applications or preparing to find jobs in the field of sustainable development.

Program Highlights


Experience the famous Garden Route during a weekend safari and outdoor adventure tour through the 300-kilometer stretch of coastal road, known to be the most beautiful region of the country.

Local Activities

Spend Monday evenings further immersing yourself in South African Culture and experience local Xhosa-culture, language lessons, ‘Kaap’ slang’, and South African cuisine. Spend your Friday evenings with other international interns enjoying all that Cape Town has to offer in a range of activities including yoga, sailing, surfing lessons, cheetah conservation outreach, hiking, wine tasting and more!

Global Training

Learn to work effectively in a cross-cultural setting by understanding your own work style. GlobeSmart -- an innovative online profile -- will help you make the most of your professional experience.

Exceptional Support

Enter the country with ease and come back home with a plan. We will provide you with the career guidance and recommendation you need to land your next job.

Job Guarantee

Find a job in your field or we’ll refund your program tuition! We believe in the value of our programs so much that we will refund you your program tuition if you are not able to land a job in the field of your program within one year of completing your program.

What You Can Expect From WI

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Before you travel, while you’re on-site, and when you return to your home country, the WI team will be there for you.

A Better Resume

Resources to make your resume shine so you can really make an impression on your future employer, and get the most out of your internship.

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Program Details & Pricing

standard Program
$5,690 Apartment Included

Whether an apartment or dorm set up, you’ll share furnished spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. Private bedrooms may be available upon request  on a first-come first-served basis. 

standard Program
$7,490 Apartment Included

Whether an apartment or dorm set up, you’ll share furnished spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. Private bedrooms may be available upon request  on a first-come first-served basis. 

What's Included

Standard Program
Internship placement and professional supervision
Personal pre-departure orientation
On-site health, safety & cultural orientation
24/7 On-site emergency support and services
Comprehensive medical and accident insurance
Re-entry Workshop with career coaching resources
LinkedIn endorsement and professional letter of recommendation
Loaded local SIM card
Weekend excursion through the Garden Route

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