Business Internships: The Ultimate List

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You’ve probably realized that internships in business are extremely popular. A simple Google search will land you with thousands of results, but how do you know where to start? In a modern job search, candidates need more than a standard internship under their belt, so finding a good match has never been more important  Young professionals need specific experiences, skills, and a proven track record when it comes to getting things done.

It can be extremely difficult to find an internship that offers all of this, especially internationally. That’s where we come into play. Below are the most current and best internships in the business field, divided by entity.

Sports Management Internships

Sports Management in Italy

During this internship, you’ll experience the daily operations of a popular fitness center in the heart of Florence. You’ll play a key role across several departments while building client management and event planning skills.

In addition, you will be checking access records, maintaining fitness machines and equipment, organizing and coordinating events, reviewing candidates for fitness instructor positions, and collaborating with the communications team to help produce promotional materials and digital marketing strategies.

You’ll also be able to research relevant sports-related activities throughout Florence to form a connection with the local culture and environment. This internship is the perfect way to build up your sports management, event management, strategic communications, and HR skill sets while immersing in Florentine culture!

Sports Marketing in Colombia

As the Sports Marketing intern at this futbol events company, you’ll be part of the committee to organize the annual Latin American Futbol Summit in Colombia! Your role will allow you to contact professional players, coaches and club managers to coordinate speaking events; connect with influencers from internationally-recognized sports brands for sponsorship and fundraising; generate paid and organic reach across social media platforms to increase ticket sales, and help coordinate day-to-day planning and operations. You’ll develop key organizational and digital branding skills to help you build a better resume and land that dream job in the sports management world.

Business Management Internships

Restaurant Management in Italy

With this internship, you’ll gain the practical skills you need to excel in bar and restaurant management. Under the leadership of wine service professionals, you’ll learn what it takes to cater to select clientele in the world of wine. Responsibilities will include food and beverage presentation, management assistance, practice with wine/food pairing, and bookkeeping.

Learn the skills of pairing, customer service, service industry management (front-of-house and back-of-house) as you gain a deeper understanding of Florentine wine and food culture.

Fashion Retail Management in Italy

Work with local designers, merchandisers, and PR agents in a high-end retail setting within one of Italy’s fashion capitals! You’ll gain exposure to the local fashion economy through store organization, business procedures, and client relations. Duties include, but are not limited to: sales, stocking, floor management, sample selection, customer service, promotion, and research.

You’ll learn how to write press releases, promote and market specific product lines, stage a showroom, and manage a retail storefront.

Business Services in Colombia

With this Business Services program in Bogota, you’ll intern at Colombia’s largest health food provider. Supplying over 300 organic food products across 40 different brands, your host company has already won three national awards!

Your role will focus primarily on product development and sustainable business expansion, giving you an inside look at how a Latin American company goes from start-up to national success. If you’re passionate about the health and wellness movement, this position will be ideal for you.

You’ll also be able to help the company develop community outreach strategies and maintain its wide-reaching social media platforms. Build your understanding of the business world, and your confidence in your professional abilities, with this fantastic opportunity in Colombia’s largest city.

Human Resources Internships

Human Resources in Australia

You’ll serve as the Human Resources Intern at a multinational biotechnology company in Melbourne. With a presence in 39 countries and over 22,000 associates, this firm provides testing services within the environmental, food, and pharmaceutical fields. You’ll work closely with the HR manager who oversees the departments for both the Australia and New Zealand offices.

Your main responsibilities will be to draft and post job openings, screen new applicants, conduct reference checks for top contenders, and assist new employees during their onboarding process. You’re going to gain all of the skills you need to start your Human Resources career.

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting in Colombia

Foreign direct investment is a booming industry in Colombia, and with this internship, you’ll be on its front lines!

This global consulting firm in Colombia is looking for a knowledgeable, personable intern to assist with client relations and investment. You’ll get a first-hand look at how investment and business services are provided to foreign corporations who are headquartered in Colombia. Your placement will teach you financial analysis methods, cross-cultural business relations, and market research skills.

Logistics and Event Planning

Operations and Logistics in New Zealand

As an intern at this multinational import/export company, you’ll be involved with processing all import shipping documents, invoicing partner companies, and entering sensitive information into a Cargo Wise database.

This internship will provide you with an in-depth understanding of many things, including  New Zealand Customs requirements for international trade and an understanding of national trade requirements in general. This is a fantastic resume builder for someone looking into a career with overseas companies!

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Non Profit and NGO Operations Internships

NGO Management in Ecuador

Grow your experience in the non-profit world with this immersive placement at an educational NGO outside of Quito. You can get involved with all aspects of running an NGO, like fundraising, digital marketing, budget planning, and strategy development.

You’ll learn how to best support the mission of an NGO through administrative duties that are integral to keeping the NGO strong! You can help the organization build its volunteer networks, raise funds through digital and event-based fundraising opportunities, and make sure they have an effective marketing strategy. You’ll come away with skill sets in NGO management, non-profit marketing, fundraising strategy, and community development.

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